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The KRAZY Queue - An Unusual Amalgam of Music

Music - No Fees - No Commercials 

We play songs covering 7 decades. 

We blend popular genres such as: standards, jazz, country, rock, pop, alternative, R&B, electronica...

The result is an eclectic blend of music.

Featuring KRAZY Queue Revues - songs grouped by title, topic, or suggestions from our contributors. 

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Weekend Top 40 Countdown:

Go back 61 years to 1/23/1960

Day/Date  ET PT
Sunday 1/24/2021 5P 2P
Sunday 1/24/2021 8P 5P


Programs featured on The KRAZY Queue

"Hayes' Hard Drive"

Fancy yourself a music connoisseur? Tune in to discover amazing new sounds or be reintroduced to some of your familiar favorites. Hayes' Hard Drive plays the best music from all genres from any and every era. 

(2 hours)

Thursdays - Show times:

9:00PM 6:00PM

Sunday Programs:

"The Sunday Chill"

An hour of blended smooth jazz, easy listening and new age music.

8:00AM 5:00AM
11:00AM 8:00AM
2:00PM 11:00AM


 "Classical Hits"

An hour of popular classical music! Join us and get classy!! 


9:00AM 6:00AM
12:00N 9:00AM
3:00PM 12:00N



"Classic Jazz Hour"

An hour of classic jazz tunes. 

Genres include: Cool Jazz, Bebop, Ragtime, Chicago Style, &  New Orleans Style.

10:00AM 7:00AM
1:00PM 10:00AM
4:00PM 1:00PM


Text song requests to: 1-310-864-8055