Prog Rock Shuffle

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New and classic Progressive Rock (4 hours)


 Play List for 2-25-2024: 

Title Artist Album
Submarine Voyager Fearless In Love
WarChild Jethro Tull WarChild
Beautiful Dream Rachel Flowers Bigger On The Inside
Impressioni di Settembre Premiata Forneria Marconi PFM in Classic - Da Mozart a Celebration
Bulletproof Spock's Beard Noise Floor
Dance Away Roxy Music The Best Of Roxy Music
Firebird Covet Catharsis
Rise Like A Fountain Bill Nelson Getting The Holy Ghost Across [2013]
Wish I Had an Angel Nightwish Once
Lost Bryan Ferry Avonmore
The Passage Of Time Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3
Fallen Angel STS-51-L Nik Turner Space Gypsy
Tempus Horribilis Circuline C.O.R.E.
X-Faded District 97 Stay For The Ending
Mothallah Temic Terror Management Theory
Keep It Safe Aura Underwater
Sacrifice Karnataka Requiem For A Dream
Millions Of Flashes Dikajee Forget ~ Me ~ Nots
Rushlight Beatrix Players Magnified
Favourite Things Martin Barre Stage Left
Common Goal Unitopia More Than A Dream
Dance On A Volcano Genesis A Trick Of the Tail
Icarus (Born On Wings Of Steel) Kansas Masque
Fast Aisles Beyond Drama
La Marinada Bill Laurance & Michael League Where You Wish You Were
Under Stars Lonely Robot Under Stars
Lay A Little Light On Me Strawbs Hero And Heroine
Deep Inside Aries Double Reign
Without A Sound Aethellis Northumbria
Stumpy Meets the Firecracker In Stencil Forest Happy The Man Happy The Man
Different Lifesigns Live In The Netherlands
Just Another Nervous Wreck Supertramp Breakfast In America
The River Exploring Birdsong The Thing with Feathers - EP
We Are One Amanda Lehmann Innocence And Illusion
When You're A Free Man The Moody Blues Seventh Sojourn
Aching Hunger The Reasoning Acoustically Speaking
On The Radio We Came From Space Overlords
Ends Up The Same Polar Son Wax/Wane
Echoes Of The Rift Scaphoid Echoes Of The Rift
Relax... Nothing's Under Control Kurt Michaels Stones From The Garden
Shed My Skin Within Temptation Wireless
The Otherworld Kayak Merlin - Bard of the Unseen
The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys Traffic The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (Bonus Tracks)
Black and White Television Ian Anderson Walk Into Light
Faithful to Destiny Ancient Bards The Alliance of the Kings